Monday, April 20, 2009

Question Ideas for Speed Dating

So you have decided to give speed dating a try. Good for you, speed dating can be a lot of fun and you may very well find mister or misses right while speed dating.

Clearly it’s a bit of a different deal than with normal dating. You have a very short time to figure out whether someone is worth the time and effort or not. We will give you a couple of good speed dating questions. Which questions you use depends on which characteristics are most important in to you in your dating life.

tip: Remember to smile and stay confident during the whole process.

Try to have follow up question ready. If he or she answers a question in a certain way a follow up question can steer the conversation in the right direction.

Here are some question ideas for speed dating, which can help you make the right picks.
1. Where are you from? Nice soft question to start off with.
2. Do you work to live or live to work? They will need to think about this one, and it can give you an idea of their work situation.
3. Do you believe in the love at first sight?
4. If you where stuck on a desert island and you could take one item with you, what would it be?
5. Which is your possession plus appraisal and why?
6. What is your favorite time of year and why?
7. Of what religion are you?
8. What’s your favorite band/song?
9. What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend? Tells you something about your compatibility.
10. What is the most important factor in a healthy relationship?
11. Do you have a big family and what is your relationship with them like? How they relate to their family gives you clues as to how they will treat you, in the long run.
12. Which is the last book which you read?
13. If you could have lunch with any person, the life or deceased, which it would be and why?
14. How do you like to spend your free time? Always nice if you share interests.
15. Have you ever been married?
16. What do you hate most puppies or kittens? Shows off your sense of humor.
17. Do you pursue the policy? Are you considered a republican, Democrat or affiliated with another party?
18. What is your dream career?

Hopefully these question ideas for speed dating will help you come up with a few questions of your own.

Try not to give up, if your first attempt at speed dating doesn’t go well. Remember there is someone for everyone out there. So keep trying, until you find that special person. Speed dating is all about going through large numbers of people to increase your chances of success.

Question Ideas for Speed Dating was written by James Kruger.


  1. I have gone through the article really its nice its shows how important is to save our relationship. Keep posting great work.

  2. Great article! This really makes it easier for people who may be uneasy about speed dating. These questions will give you insight into the person without having to go through the superficial small talk. Good job!